1972 MJ series Husqvarna 450 WR

Frame #MJ 03395
Motor # 2024-0545
Femsa ignition
OEM aluminum fenders
OEM tank
Akront rims

This particular 450WR has had period upgrades with the addition of Mag 250 swing arm, S&W shocks, HiPoint rear tool bag rack, Hi Point tool bag, VDO rear front drive speedo, 74 front forks, Preston Petty headlite, custom skid plate, folding shift lever, "Hex" grips, handle bar tool bag, added swing arm frame ears, 73 muffler with Skyway as well, exhaust guards added to headpipe, rear footpegs using shock bolt mounts, period fork boots, 307 throttle, 74 white plastic airbox, K&N air filter kit, rubber head noise suppresion strap, compression release in stock second plug hole,

1972 was a new era for Husqvarna motorcycles. The entire series of motocross, desert, enduro bikes had been upgraded to a new generation of engines with 5 speed transmissions, lefthand shift, new low engine frames, introduction of the 450cc motocross and cross country and also the 125ccCR motocross (6 speed), Motoplat ignitions and more. This frame series was MJ and all models had the alloy fenders front and rear. The "hand grenade" muffler was standard on all models as well as the silver leg front forks. The WR models retained the Femsa ignition to allow for easy lighting installation. Husqvarna continued to dominate all forms of off road racing, most notably in world class motocross, desert events, and enduro. The list of expert winners was spectacular and included Heikki Mikkola, Arne Kring, Bengt Åberg as well as US stars Malcolm Smith, Dick Burleson, Ron Bohn, Jake Fischer, Ed Schimdt, Dave Mungenast, JN Roberts, Mark Blackwell, Jim West, Bob Grossi, + many others.