78 250 OR Husqvarna - For Sale!


In 1978 Husqvarna introduced the OR (Optimal Ratio) model to fit the needs of high speed desert racers. The desert guys had been using CR's (Close Ratio), but when top end speed was increased on CR's with sprocket changes, the lo gears were too tall. To "optimize" the gearing, WR (Wide Ratio) gears were used for first second third, and the CR's gears were used for 4th, 5th, 6th. Desert racer"Curnutt" rear shocks were used and they are easily distinquished by their long orange/red springs . The 78 250 OR used an 18" rear wheel and  both rims were polished Akronts, making this 250 model different from all the other 78's which had switched to17" rears and gold Nordisk rims. Altho still part of the ML frame series, all 78's had an additional curved tube added under the motor for protection and the sheet metal skid plates no longer used. The 250 OR used the large steel tank like the WR in Husky Red of course. WR Motoplat ignition was used on the OR models and if lights were needed, you just bolted them on and wired them up. The carburetors on all 78 models are Mikuni 38mm (except the 125 which retained a Bing). There is a Husky logo on the seat tail, a new round style ignition cover, and the 250's now have the intake manifold built into the cylinder. Engine number is a riveted tag just above the sprocket on the engine "shark fin". The 250 OR shown here is a sales photo!

ML24561,  2066-xxxx
For sale  this 78 Husqvarna 250 OR - 12/09 - $1300
additional excellent features:
never been restored or fixed up
preston petty  light/number plate  on front
speedo kit installed
MS leather bag on tail
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