Husqvarna Motorcycle Club

Current members are located in the following States or Countries (as of 11/01/02):
New Zealand
Channel Island Sark
South Africa
New Caledonia
Czech Republic
Saint-Martins FWI
The Netherlands

New Hampshire
South Carolina
North Dakota
North Carolina
New Mexico
New Jersey
West Virginia
Rhode Island
New York
South Dakota
All 50 states are represented! Yippee!

The first Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) has been issued(6/5/97) and includes:premier issue#1
Plans for meeting at Vintage Days '97
Paint formula #1 for Husqvarna Silver for '63-'82
3 pages of Husqvarna Classifieds
Tech tip on fork top race removal
Readers write-in
Husky pictures
porting specs for 72-73 125 models and expansion chamber upgrades
porting specs for 72-75 450 models, expansion chamber mods, head mods
Tool pictorial for MK series , complete service tool layout
Sprocket tips on mounting and removal - factory bulletin

The Newsletter #2 (Husqvarna Report) has been issued (8/5/97)and includes:issue #2
Vintage Motorcycle Days report
1966 Husqvarna 250 Works motocross model specs
Tips on buying an old Husky
Readers letters
3 pages of Husky classifieds
1962 Rolf Tibblin photo on 4 stroke 500
Service specs for MK 125SC, 250, 400CR, 400WR, 450WR,includes timing, carb, torque , bore spec, oil capacities, rod specs
timing specs for ML 175, 250CR/WR, 360CR, 400WR
How to hop up a 66-71 360 Husky!
1968 MF series Husky details

The Newsletter #3 (Husqvarna Report) has been issued 10/5/97 and includes:issue#3
Gunnar Lindström photo
Paint formula for Husqvarna Red 1968-1980
Husqvarna frame/engine numbering scheme 1966-1983
Readers letters with answers and tech tips - 40mm fork seals
3 pages of Husqvarna classifieds - no automatic repeats! make sure you e-mail,phone or mail your ads!
Members bike pictures Henry's, Brian's, Lennart's
Factory tech tips on performance modifications for the 1979 250 CR/OR/WR
Silverpilen Advertisement modell 282 from 1957
Husky parts and service dealer ads
Plus lots more+ + +

The Newsletter #4 (Husqvarna Report) has been issued 12/7/97 and includes:issue #4
Motoplat component testing
Motoplat History
Motoplat availability
Replacement Ignitions for Motoplat
Vintage Motoplat
Femsa maintenance
4 Christmas bonus vintage Husky pages -1973 Husqvarna Champions
Tech question/answer
Rich Anderson, Granite City AHRMA Champion
Christer Watz's 1934 Ex-cam prototype
lots more stuff!!!!

The Newsletter #5 (Husqvarna Report) has been issued 2/10/98 and includes:issue #5
Husqvarna Varldmastarna Tibblin and Nilsson
Tosh's Husky Tech question/answer
Gasket set part numbers 66-80
Harold Austin's MSR Husky
Mega Classifieds
1963 250 Husqvarna ex-Hallman Works Roadrace Special - Botte Totte
How to Disassemble your Husky engine with a chain saw
Factory Performance Tuning the 1982 250 CR,WR,XC
4 bonus pages vintage Husky document w/crank specs, 125 gear sets, Burleson review, torque tips,
Gösta Andersson's ultra trick 1964 Silverpilen trials Husky
lots more !!!!!!

The Newsletter #6 (Husqvarna Report) has been issued 4/2/98 and includes:
Husqvarna Vintage bikesissue #6
Bing Carburetors:
Charlie Laughridge's How to clean your Bing
How to upgrade/improve Bing
How to tune your Bing
Factory bulletin on 450WR (72-74) Bing modifications
Bing part numbers to assist in rebuilding/maintaining
1987 Tech Data specs for 250 CR,XC,WR -torq specs, oversizes, oil typ/quan, timng, + more
1987 Tech Data specs for 510 TE enduro - torq specs, overszs, oil typ/quan, timimg, + more
1981 Tech Data specs for 430 CR - torq specs, oversizes, oil typ/quan, timing, + more
Member's beautiful Husky photos - Liljedahl, Mandarino, Richard, White, Brown, Åhman, Weislogel, Ridlen
Mega Classifieds
Cool vintage Sverige stuff- Maj 1965 Örlenbanan MX 250 SM klassen!
Bruce Chasmer's Tip's on buying parts and modifing your Husky
Mark Raybon's Powdercoating Husky experience

The Newsletter #7 (Husqvarna Report) is issued 6/18/98 and includes:issue #7
Malcolm Smith rides 1966 Husqvarna
Heger Billet aluminum T-Clamps for a Works Husky - Wow! - Extreme Works Stuff
Progressive Suspension Shocks for Vintage Huskys - Part 1 - Installation - Looking Good !
Members Husky Photos - Sleeper, Barsotti, Olsen, Smith, Johansson, Hallman, so far
Vintage Mc Days Mid-Ohio - Husky Club Display Tent - Be there!- Display your Husky!
What You should know about your 66-76 Husky Front Forks!
Vintage Mc Days West Report from Dorian Sleeper
1988 Tech Data Specs for 250 WR, XC - torq specs, overszs, oil typ/quan, timimg, + more
1988 Tech Data specs for 430 CR, WR, XC - torq specs, overszs, oil typ/quan, timimg, + more
Extreme Godzilla quantity Mega Classifieds
1970 250 MX 4 speed and 8 speed specs
1970 360 Enduro 4 speed and 8 speed specs
256A Husqvarna Arme Motorcykel Specs and layout of controls
Edision Dye dealer Husqvarna price list Sept 1970
Vintage Stahl-Cole Husqvarna Advertising - where is Muncie anyway?
1974 250WR sales lit - A Silver Vase Team Winner
Vintage Trivia

The Newsletter #8 (Husqvarna Report) was issued 9/2/98 and includes:issue #8
Extreme Godzilla Titanic Mega Classifieds - send yours in now!!!!!
Vintage Husky info -1979 sales photo
Dave Brook's Tools for Husky Bikes - Fork tool, Clutch tool, Flywheel tool, Piston pin tool, Case splitters, Reassembly +more
95-98 Marzocchi Fork Info - how to Disassemble, Troubleshoot, and Reassemble
Spray can restoration tips - One shot and your good for the whole day
Mid Ohio Huskys - great turnout! Lots of pics!
Fork tube protector when changing seals
Easy front brake cable guide
Ny! Husky Club Cartoon Strip! av Gunnar Linn
Progressive Suspension Update - These work excellent!
Extreme Husky - John Lefevre's 67 roadrace Husky
Members Huskys - Blaine Stone, Bruce Chasmer

The Newsletter #9 (Husqvarna Report) was issued 10/5/98 and includes:issue #9
67 360 Husqvarna Viking Members review - Henninger, LeFevre, Comontofski
67 owners specifications for AHRMA racing
Automatic parts resource with billions of parts for 78-79 autos
Tech tips on - kick stand install, +more
1978 250 CR Sales lit
1978 390 CR Sales lit
Modell 170 from 1923
Swedish Motorcycle History from Florida
Members Huskys - Branch, Belkus
1964 Husqvarna 410 prototype foto av Christer Watz
Mega classifieds worldwide
1998 WorldChampion Chiodi
Husqvarna Klubb of Finland
Vintage tid bits

The Newsletter #10 (Husqvarna Report) was issued 12/21/98 and includes:issue #10
Members Huskys
Gösta Svensson - Master Swedish engine builder - manufacturing new 4-stroke vintage engines - translation Elisabeth Albaugh
Elsinore Gran Prix 1998 Vintage races and Huskys - report from Phil Harvey on DeSoto, JN, Lefevre, Owens+
Husqvarna Italiano - Report from Albero Barsotti on Husqvarna in Italy
ISDT Reunion - Vintage Husky rule - report from Kevin Grimes, photos on Malcolm, Mungenast, Dahn
1964 Finlander HVA Tallberg Silverpilen Enduro ISDT - Jukka Monto
Mega classifieds worldwide
Members recommend parts sources
Motoplat stators rebuilt - intro to repair sources and bolt-in replacement
Dave Richardson reports from the Netherlands
Tech tip - Motoplat adaptor to allow large taper flywheel to fit small taper shaft.
1986 500XC brochure photo
potential Motoplat replacment stators from Finland

The Newsletter #11  (Husqvarna Report) was issued, 2/26/99 and includes:issue #11
Members Huskys - Digby, Liggett, Kraus, White, Courtway, Watz + more!
Lee StClair Vintage Husky photos
Mega classifieds worldwide - 4 full pages - find those parts you need!
Jan Lijedahl's 282E Silverpilen - show winner
Husky Club Travel to Sweden to attend vintage Huskvarna event
Understanding Pre-mix ratio - Tosh Konya
Update on Dave Brook's Husky case splitting tool
Unsticking Husky motors - Dorian Sleeper
1983 Husky HiLites bulletin - New 83 models, Terry Cunningham, Ashcraft, Larry Roeseler, Bob Popiel, 82 ISDT Team, +
Poster pics from 1983
Chiodi Interview
Paul Cooper signs with Husky for 1999 season
New 430 oversize pistons available thru newsletter suppliers!

The Newsletter #12 (Husqvarna Report) was issued 5/10/99 and includeissue #12
Vintage Trials Huskys - 1967era and 1999 today - get busy and get one of these in competition
4stroke Air cooled Ignition blues and cures.
Jonas Hagren identifies 64 HVA team!
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts! send yours in now!
Motocrossword - from Schnackenberg
Weight loss program for Huskys - Wade Summers of SRC shares cool tips on how to save weight!
Shift drum weight loss
Clutch assembly weight loss
Clutch reassembly - the right way!
New Husky product announcements - Rod kits, rod kits, rod kits, pistons, gaskets, seat base, fork skins, ...+more
Rod Kits for 74 Mag 250 - how to do it yourself with off the shelf, new aftermarket pieces!

The Newsletter #13 (Husqvarna Report) is issued 8/15/99 and includes:issue #13
SRM-Union form Carl Breggren
Craig's notes on Husky painting, gearbox oil , Automatic oil, fork leg work, spokes of stainless
New Husky products
Mega classisfieds for bikes and parts
Dorian Sleeper's Restoration 71 400 Husky
tips from Bill Porciello
American Eagle contact
SRC fork brace
In memoriam: Leroy Winters
Inside the Vintage Husqvarna by Wade Summers - don't miss this article
Dale Hoyt's Husqvarna Odyssey - A 250 Husky comes back from abandonment and saves it's owners life.
86 Husqvarna 510 watercooled brochure picture
86 Husqvarna 510 test article from Dirt Rider, tech specs, photos
1999 Mid-Ohio Report - better than ever - Puterbaugh's 450, Anderson's 450, Ramey's 67 250, Boydstun Wins+ more
1999 Trip to Sweden report - the 8 luckiest guys in the world had a fantastic tour of Sweden thanks to Gunnar Lindstrom
plus suppliers of Husqvarna parts and bikes advertise thru out the issue

The Newsletter #14 (Husqvarna Report) is issued 10/5/99 and includes:issue #14
Digbys Roadrace Husky- 1983 430 Husky
New tools for serving more Husqvarna
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts! send yours in now!
Members Huskys - Kultz, Ortiguero, Ferreri, Goertzen
Husqvarna motocross Origins - Tosh Konya
Al Wickstrand
82 ISDE team
Plating process for Husky restoration - nuts and bolts
New product announcements - aluminum swing arms, decals, pistons, wheels , spokes
Battery notes for Sportsman
Husky oil tips
Water pump fix 86 400 wr
Origins of Husky motocross - Tosh Konya

The Newsletter #15 (Husqvarna Report) is issued 12/22/99 and includes:issue#15
Digbys Roadrace Husky reoport#2 - photos of Richard at speed on his 500 Husky roadracer
Mark Jones - Husky Supermotard racing - Winning in 2000 on your Husqvarna 410 Super Z racing
Husqvarna tech help - How to overhaul a Husqvarna crank shaft!
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
A new 76 250WR "in the crate" for sale
Details of setting up to paint your motorcycle at home - not for the timid or low on hobby funding.
1915 HVA modell 65 for sale - see details
Extreme Vintage Video Husqvarna - 1958
Wiring diagram for 70-72 SH-SI 360C enduros
Consumer bulletin for 1970 SH concerning acceleration and passing
A stash of NOS parts uncovered and now for sale - new seats, cylinders, pistons, rod kits, automatic kits, gas tanks, crankshafts, ignition systems, +more
Cagiva announcement for 2000 Team Husqvarna - team riders
Husqvarna 460CR - 1974

The Newsletter  #16 (Husqvarna Report) is issued 2/28/00 and includes:issue#16
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
Solomon's 450 6 Speed WR
Husqvarna 125 Road Test 1972
Richard's Roadrace Report #3
Richard's Roadrace Report #4
Members Huskys Barsotti's 66 360
David Brown Wins AHRMA titles on Huskys
New Gasket Supplier
New Aluminum Swing Arms
Excel Rim Sale
NOS Supplies from Husky Club Dealer
4 Speed Shifting problems resolved

The Newsletter #17 (Husqvarna Report) is out as of  4/30/00 and includes:issue #17
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
Blue print Details of Husky Mufflers - 74 125 CR/WR, 74 Mag 250 , 74 400, 75 250 , 75 360
Battery Tray Plans for 360C Enduro - duplicate exact as factory made!
Ohlins Single shock - Part 1 - How to disassemble and assemble an Ohlins Shock!
Rod kits, Rod Kits, Rod Kits  - New rods just arrived for 125/250/360/390/400/430/350/510/610 -1967-1999! The only place to find out about it is this newsletter!
McKeag spits dirt at Northwest
Aluminum Swing arm details
Husqvarna World Championship- Carlsbad
Husqvarna Riders Cards - Mikkola, Jonsson
Members Huskys
T.M. Roe writes - In The Stand
SKF vs Durkopp
Color Brochure of Complete 2000 year model Husqvarna motorcycles!

The Newsletter #18 (Husqvarna Report) is out as of  6/24/00 and includes:issue #18
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
Bill Watson - Aussome Aussie!
Ohlins Single shock - Part 2 of 3 - How to disassemble and assemble an Ohlins Shock!
82 Husky BAJA prep
Aluminum Swing Arm for all Huskys!
1980 390 to 420 conversion Kit specs
Rebel 500 Husqvarna Edison Dye prototype 500cc from 1968  built on 66 360 platform!
Just found after 32 years in storage!
Bufo and After by Bill McNees
Members Huskys
Rod Kits for all Huskys
NOS exhuast pipes for 72-73 125 Huskys
as well as RT mufflers

The Newsletter #19 (Husqvarna Report) is out as of   8/30/00 and includes:issue #19
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
20 page newsletter!
Paint formula - Lion Yellow for 72-75 Husky 125's
Rhinestone Rocks at VI Nationals
85-88 Ohlins Single shock rebuild Part 3 of  3
82 Parts list cosmetic details
IPB for 82 side plastic
Chrome panel patterns for 72-76 CR tanks
Burleson rider card
Euro Rod Kits for Huskys
Husqvarna Tank restoration Quality issues
Sales flyer for the new "WRX400" 1985
Husqvarna logos in varios sizes
Wiring details and diagram for 250/360 RT series
Aluminum swing arms for AHRMA Huskys

The Number #20  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 11/15/00 and includes:issue #20
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale! Bikes! Parts!
20 page newsletter!
Paint formula - Husky Orange for 72-75 Husky 450's
Chrome panel pattern for 72-74 Åberg style tanks
87 Factory bulletin on power valve for 250-240
Husqvarna Number Plate Mounting 66 thru 75
Number Plate Bracket dimensions - fab yourself - hardware to use as well
Rebel 500 Edison Dye Special
Husky Posters from Chuck Beers
Tank Decal fonts, stripes, oil sticker placement, made in Sweden placement
Tank photo shoot
New NOS Husky Inventories for sale
Husky Club Caps

The Number #21  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued  01/15/01 and includes:
Megaclassifieds - NOS inventories for sale!
Bikes! Parts!
20 page newsletter!
Paint Formula - Husky Maroon 73-75, 400's and 460's for Mikkola and Burleson style tanks
Chrome panel patterns for 1980 250WR and other tanks of the 78-81 era.
Larry Mudie's Extreme Mag 250 AHRMA race bike
Photo Comparision of 1980 WR tank, 1980 ACC tank and 1981 AXC tank.
Decal placement and style for Automatics 1980/81
Gastank illustrations for 1967, 1974, 1979, 1982
New Husky Throttles
 pennants, posters
pens, banners
and more!

The Number #22  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 03/28/01 and includes:
Sleepless in Olympia Dorian Sleeper’s 67Husky AHRMA bike!
20 page newsletter!
Forest Stahl rules Indiana - Past Husky Champion and still building fast Huskys!
Richard Digby on exotic road race Huskys inEngland.
Megaclassifieds #22the world’s best Huskyresource.
New Öhlins vintage Husky shocks - brand new offering.
Hot Rod Husky Triple Clamps -Look good, Feel good
Rick Horstmeyer, Dennis Fritch, Larry Baron ,Juha Monto
Husqvarna “Font” from the Past! 1958 282E  a script font.
Plus much more Husqvarna stuff!
Husky Club Hats - Now in stock! Order yours now.  Hi Quality and they fit !

The Number #23  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 06/14/01 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #23the world’s best Huskyresource.
1982 Husqvarna 175 Kit for 125XC
Mossbarger Reeds for Husqvarna! new hot item
VMX magazine - behind the scenes with Ray Ryan
Transmission washers (bricka) - where do they go? - Ask Tosh Konya
1991 610 Tech Specs - ratios, torque, carb settings, dimesions, oil type, quanities, tires , timing
1991 350 Tech Specs - ratios, torque, carb settings, dimesions, oil type, quanities, tires , timing
Husky "Trimatic" 3 wheeler automatic - Bruce Conrad
Daryl Back's "LawnBoy" 420 Auto with pull start
How to install reeds on a pre reed Husqvarna motor! dimensional drawings!
Lightweight, 360 Husqvarna Road Racer - Pat Evan's 1976 360 CR
1964 Bengtsson's 250 Husqvarna Road Racer - Johansson photo
2001 Sear Point Road Vintage Racer - Reese Dengler photo
Rod Kits, Ohlins shocks, Hot Rod Husky pipes, paint touch up, replacement petcocks

The Number #24  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 10/01/01 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #24the world’s best Huskyresource.
Checking your flywheel Magnetism.
Michael Werners 66 Husqvarna Roadracer from Germany
1990 Tech Specs125 WXE
1990 Tech Specs 250WXE
Make your own rubber flap for your Sportsman
Pattern for fork stop 68-75
Husky Models
1983 Tech Specs 500 CR
1983 Tech Specs 430 WR
Tips on valve springs for 510 air cooled
Husky Ignition Tips
Project 4 stroke, 1986 510 TE

The Number #25  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) issued Dec 22 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #25the world’s best Huskyresource.
81-82 430 wr wiring diagrams
Starting an old Husky and things to correct
Putting lights on an old Husky
Smith and Howerton vintage photos
Custom Husky Flat tracker from 1982
Fork stops for Huskys
Automatic oil choices
Lanny Liggett's Show Husky does Hershey
Husky Lighting set up diagrams
Vintage test apparatus

The Number #26  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) issued  03/14/02 and includes:
Richard Townsend's 83 500 CR
Richard Digby rules the UK road circuit on a 500 Husky
Fab your own Husky case splitter tool.
Megaclassifieds #26the world’s best Huskyresource.
Husky Green Paint formula - your automatic can look it's best
Tosh reviews a hard starting Husky motor - Tech details
Malcolm Smith Gold Medal Replica decal graphics
Bruce Conrad advises on Baja 500 matters
MADE  IN  SWEDEN decals, flag upper right or flag lower left
Timing Specs for all 1982 Husqvarna models, factory tech bulletin
Advice on running Baja 500
Australian Mag 250
Centerfold of 1973 Team Husqvarna Tibblin to Ohlins
Lindstrom, Burleson, Grossi, West, Mikkola, Aberg and more

The Number #27  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued mid 2002 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #27the world’s best Husky resource.
Dick Burleson Replica sticker pattern
Kevin Whipkey's mint MJ
Peter Andrew's spectacular 250 Mag
Tosh reviews Husky Engine rebuild tips
77 125 air cleaner paint and decal patterns
84 500 AE
vintage Husky advertising copy
Nobel Butler and Bill McKees at DelMar ConCours motorcycle show
1970 MH 400 details
Motoplat repairs
Military 256A
1971 Elsinore GP program cover
76 Husky number plate strap

The Number #28  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued mid 2002 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #28the world’s best Husky resource.
Speedos - a pictorial history of Husqvarna speedometers from 250T thru 87 430auto.
enduro headlite internal wiring
plastic bump stop for forks , pattern
82 WR speedo setup
1977 125 project bike in progress photos
BAJA for 2002 , maybe a vintage class? read how to do
74 Mag 250 factory engine modifications, blue prints, drawings factory issued - Need to go faster?
1966 360 viking , photos of the rarest piece
Trip to Sweden - what are you waiting for?

The Number #29  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued fall of  2002 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #29the world’s best Husky resource
1990 TE 510 European  model
Husqvarna kickstands and details
1977 125 project updates
ML air box rubber flap kits
82 1/2 500 CR factory tech spec bulletin
1976-78 125 Yellow paint formula
replacement ignition for '93 350
Alaskan Husky 450 - Pat Caudill
Girling spring Chart  - how to id Girling springs
vintage Husky brakes - Woody does it !
Timing Specs for all the 86 2 stroke models

The Number #30  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued and includes:
Megaclassifieds #30the world’s best Husky resource.
more articles by Tosh Kony
Bing 54 - do you have the right stuff?
Bing throttle slides - do you know which go where?

360 were not always available due to ?
86 Accessories catalog
1968 MF series details
Setting ignition timing
race test of 83 500CR

The Number #31  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued and includes:
Megaclassifieds #31the world’s best Husky resource.

100 year anniversary
Dalco triple clamps - factory visit
Craig's personal story of Husky awareness
1979 390 CR magazine test and pictures - MX action 1979
service bulletin 1991
service bulletin 1985
service bulletin 1994
servic bulletins many from 1971
Automatic oil Options
how to start 83 4 stroke modles

The Number #32  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued and includes:
Megaclassifieds #32the world’s best Husky resource.
comparing 84 to 2004
Kevin Grimes reviews 2005 TE450
Evo clutch repairs
McKays 82.5 500 CR project
rebuild Bing 54 and set floats
sprocket cover photo review
Ed sims 67 360 Husky project
service bulletin 84 kick starter
service bulletin 83 ignition
service bulletin 84 sprocket leakage

The Number #33  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 2004 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #33the world’s best Husky resource.
Tom Schroeder's 1971 360C enduro perfection
360C details
Husky bulletins 1971 and 1994
tab vs full collar in enduro size
All kick start lever photo article 66- 01
kick starter details
how to set kick starter
Mareg battery for sportsman
8 speed lever,
leaking shift shaft fix

The Number #34  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 2004 and includes:
Bing Carb photo article
more info than you ever wanted  on Bing ID for all Huskys
Megaclassifieds #34the world’s best Husky resource.
1975 Curnutt rebuild instructions
1967 250 Husky  - Dan Calhoun
Baja Invader 1968 exclusive photos
Tosh Konya articles - 2004
Tech specs 84 500 WR
Tech specs 1980 390 WR
Special Bing chart  - you need this!

The Number #35  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 2005 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #35the world’s best Husky resourc
76 360 WR cross country tech Data
76 360 WR details and notes
Early Husky Husky Hub Repair- Tosh Konya
Cool gas tanbks from past
Ignition adapters
stub shaft and ignition comparision chart - the most important chart you can own
Gas tank addtions
Wiring details
Horstmeyer racing Huskys

The Number #36  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued 2005 and includes:
Eddie Bright's search for Huskys
1975 accessories catalog - paint and tanks
1975 accessories catalog - fenders tires
Megaclassifieds #36the world’s best Husky resource.
Stub shaft review for Husky ignitions
Mufflers for 72-73 era
Bengt Olof big bore
Eastwood tumbler - Tosh Konya
1973 ISDT Swedish team
Bufo hardware marking

The Number #37  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is issued late 2005 and includes:
Megaclassifieds #37 the world’s best Husky resource.
88 430 Automatic details
automatic clutch defrag
water pump seal details
custom front fender brace - Jim Case
1975 Accessories catalog  - tools
1975 Accessories catalog - ignition
Air filter review all models
Air filter maintenance
Alan Wickstrand 175 CC

The Number #38  Newsletter (Husqvarna Report) is in progress 2006 and needs help from you please and includes:

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