Tips for e-mailing anyone about  motorcycles in general 

1) Never leave the e-mail subject line blank - i would hope any blank subject e-mails are deleted by everyone without opening.

2) Do not use the following e-mail subject lines (or any similar) - Help, HELP, Can you Help?, Question, Got a question, question please, please help, Pictures, Emergency, Urgent!, Look at this, Offer, Hi , Hey, Hey there, Greetings, Hello, how are you, Your thoughts, thank you, Request info, Please Read ..... and other non-informing subjects. Please expect to have your e-mail deleted automatically without ever being opened. These subjects are generic junk e-mail subjects which no one wants open or waste time with.

3) Do not use a cute display e-mail name like  - misterdoody, K, hotbabe, justforfun, butthead, etc - people in general will not open e-mail from cute, no name senders. It indicates a junk e-mail or  you are just a newbie on the web, or maybe a young child living at home.

4) Avoid writing anyone a "here's a topic, please discuss" type e-mail and expect a response - here is a generic example>" i almost have an old bike, can you tell me all about it, what these are worth, please tell me all the cheapest sources, what are the good points and bad points, what should i look for, who has pictures free on the net, where are all the websites for this, thanks a bunch."

5) Use the signature feature of your e-mail and include a full name and address when you are requesting information or ordering something. Otherwise it makes you look like you are not a serious communicator just piddling around, or it can make you look like you are afraid of being traced because you yourself have credibility problems or maybe just naively paranoid.

6) a high percentage of newbie e-mail has improper e-mail return adresses which cannot be answered. Send yoursef an e-mail and then answer that e-mail to see if all works okay.

7) Do not put a return reciept on your e-mail, as what might have been a good response, will probably go unanswered. It is considered naive, newbie and insulting.

8) DO NOT USE ALL CAPS IN ANY EMAIL. it is hard to read and indicates you are yelling.

9) Never foward cute, generic, funny, patriotic, religious, save-the-whales, restaurant coupon, free offer, virus alert,  e-mail to anyone! They are classic virus spreaders no matter how much you think the info is good stuff.

I hope these help. These tips are not intended to hurt anyones feelings about how they have been e-mailing. Just trying to list some common courtesy tips to help you get a response from anyone. Certainly you don't need to use any of these tips. If you are not getting any return e-mail, some of this might help.
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