How to Identify your Husqvarna year and model 
After working with Decades of Husqvarna i have to admit that I do not know them all. My interest has been the older models, so please bear with me on this. And if YOU know this , please send me an e-mail and get me the right info.

Items to think about:
All Husqvarna motorcycles have both a frame number and an engine number!
Many Husqvarna engines fit into many different year frames!
Crank assemblies and top ends can be swapped as well!
Gearboxes are swapped around all the time!
Chrome or polished side gas tanks were used from 1963-1982!
Plastic gas tanks on production Husqvarna started with 1984 models and carries thru 1999.
The first 4-stroke production models were 1984 and were aircooled. - thru 86 .
Cagiva bought Husqvarna motorcycles in 1986 but the first real Italian models started with small bore type in 1988.
Silver painted frames were used 63-82.
Black lower legs started in 73.
White plastic fenders started in 73 on CR models
Watercooled models started in 84 with 125/250CR.
Black plastic tanks started in 1987.
Watercooled 4 strokes started in 1987. 

Frame numbers -
Where are they? What do they look like?

All Husqvarna frame numbers are stamped into the frame.
For all model years 1963 thru 1999 they are stamped into the steering head area.

for 1963-1970 they are stamped into the left side steering head area and begin with year of manufacture . Example would be  66217 or 671235 or 65027. Engine and frame number would match for 66 and 67 if the bike is original. MF, MG or MH (68, 69, or 70) frame numbers will not match engine number or even be close.

For model years 71 thru 86 they are stamped into the right side of steering head. they would be like MK01235 for 1973,or MM1235 for 1979 or MN1993 for 1980 or ML12778 for 1976 or ML23995 for 78 or CP08045 for 86 or XP 03456 for 85..... and so on . refer to my model number page. look at my book page for owners manuals. Engine numbers did not match frame and are not same type numbering system.
In 1981 Husqvarna incorporated a letter into the frame number that identified the "type" frame which helped identify the bike quicker. A 81 frame number would be like CN 1023 or XN 1024 or WN 1025. the "C" meant close ratio mx type, "W" meant wide ratio Enduro type with lights, and"X" meant cross country no light but with lightning coils generally wide ratio engine in a mx chassis type (kind of).

for 1987 thru 1999 they are also stamped on the frame steering head are but they have become a 17 digit number and are a little more challenging to identify. Also i believe they moved to the left side. I think 87 and 88 Swedish type were still "P" series chassis , so CP or XP or WP would be in the number. 89 and later this has become a 17 digit number like Z HU MX 250 X MV012345 which would be for a 91 250WMX.

more to come.......

I can't find my frame number or it doesn't look correct

Causes -
1. You just lack experience, be patient , look the steering head over very carefully.
2. It has been removed (ground off) because of ownership problems...duuuuhhhh this means stolen .
3. Frame replaced with new part and not restamped by dealer. (this 1 out 10,000, don't let somebody bullshit this one)
4. It is painted over.Or powder coated over
5. You don't know what the "steering head" area means. This is the frame area where the forks pivot. just turn the forks to the limit right or left and look at this area of the frame. Not the upper or lower triple clamps.
6. Sometimes the owners manual, in some cases, explains this stamped number as well
7. It has been ground off and restamped to make it more valuable. Be aware of this! People love to make all kinds of claims about motorcycles - first, last, Steve Mcqueen owned it, Hallman rode it, factory works bike.
8. It has been ground off and restamped into the other side.
9. something i haven't thought of

Engine numbers -

Where are they? What do they look like?

63-67 stamped into engine , left side, below bottom fin, in the main case, to the rear of the cyl boss area , the number matches frame number, like 671235 or 66217 or 63023

68 - 69 and early 70 engines - stamped into engine , left side, below bottom fin, in the main case, to the rear of the cyl boss area , like 250123 or 360233 or 400367 the 250 portion means 250cc and so on.

70 -71 , early 72 stamped into main cases , at split line area , under carberator (if it is mounted)number continued to get larger like 253123 for 250, and 404566 for a 400, or 367444 for a 360. It would not be correct to have 250455 in a MI chassis as this engine number would be in the wrong place and too low to be correct.

72-80 a rivited tag is found , facing up , easily read, on the engine right side . The first four digits are printed the last four are stamped. Compare this to my model number chart.

81-82 ? i just looked at an 430 cr left outer case and it was stamped low on the left case with 2086 xxxx . i do not know if this was the only stamping as i did not have a center case set.

83-99 i don't know very well , somebody tell me what you have, maybe stamped into the cases, facing up near the kick start area?

84/85 water cooled 125 I just looked at has a raised, unpainted area at the case splitline, under the carb area and very faintly stamped 0961 xxxx and i would assume others of this era would be same.

Now that you have read and understood all of this, you will need to reference the frame and engine number listing page of this site. You may do so by clicking here--> Model Numbers

Make sure you look the whole page over to see the more detailed numbers at the lower portion of the page. There is a quick list at the top.

This info may not be correct.
Too bad
Help me correct it.

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