Husqvarna Flywheel pullers

Use the correct tool for pulling your flywheel!
Order now!
Whether you have a 66 4 Speed , a 76 360CR, 81 430XC, or 92 610TE, you need the correct flywheel puller or you will cause more damage than what you are intending to fix. The most expensive item on your Husqvarna is the ignition. If you treat it well, it will last 50 years or more.
Generally you need 4 items-
1) a tool to hold flywheel while you loosen or tighten nut.
2) a puller to correctly remove flywheel.
3) the correct size, 6 point, metric socket to use on nut, 25mm or whatever is correct.
4) a torque wrench to tighten nut to correct torque value

Notes about Husky flywheel pulling-
The nut holding the flywheel on is LEFT hand thread!
You must have a correct threaded puller.
You must have good threads on flywheel for puller.
Your puller must thread in flywheel fully.
You must grease puller tool threads (where the 2 piece tool threads together)
You must grease end of crank point of contact puller/crank.
If you are working with an old , unserviced bike, that you have not had apart, even a good tool may not remove the flywheel.

Husqvarna Magneto Flywheel Tools
Husqvarna Model Tool Number to order by Price , Each, $USA Notes
Bosch Early Flywheel
MFP-878 not avail yet Flywheel has fine, external threads
Small Bosch Flywheel
68 - 70 250's
MFP-180 see below use MFP-324
1969-1977 all Femsa 
80-81 WR Motoplat
83-88 500/510 4 strk w/ outboard flywheel
Femsa Flywheels
some Motoplats
some 4 strokes
MotoPlat 1972-1980 most CR models 125, 250, 360, 390, 400, 450,
also 80-89 internal rotor
MFP-276/MFP-324 set
Motoplat 116 mm dia 
Motoplat Internal rotor 
Motoplat 72-80 most WR models 125-390, 
68-70 250cross sm Bosch
75-76 175GP,
78 250/390 CR/OR/WR
79 125/250/390 CR/OR/WR
81 250 CR/XC,
81-87 WR+XC  SEM
82 WR, XC, Auto
MFP-276/MFP-324 set
Motoplat 139 mm
Motoplat 116 w/ lighting coils
small Bosch 68-70
85-87 4 Strokes w/inboard flywheel MFP-287 I can fabricte this , but need help in finding out threads and dimensions.
88-96 350/510/410/610 TC/TE MFP-133
new item due in March 2003
note - also  i need to borrow the flywheel holder rod from someone please to take dimensions for fabricate
Wanted 1987-2002 Husqvarna flywheel pullers and application. Or Husqvarna flywheels from this era with good puller threads.

Husqvarna Flywheel Keys
29 01 265-01 - 1966-1989
15 13 713-01 - 1966-1989
fits Bosch, Femsa, Motoplat, SEM. This is the key that aligns the magneto flywheel. The parts book shows different numbers but this key is same all years.

same key - 265 or 713Other items to consider when dealing with ignition-
You don't need a holding tool to remove left hand nut , if you use an air powered inpact wrench, only the correct direction.
Flywheel magnetism can be a big factor in firing power, check it while off.
Clean up all burrs and bad fit to ensure the tool and the process stays simple and repeatable.
You may want to lap your flywheel and shaft together, using fine valve compound and about 30 seconds of twist-o-turn.
The left hand nut should spin on and off easily by hand, if not, correct problem!
Generally, Femsa, Motoplat, Bosch, etc all take specific crank ends. Don't buy a motoplat on E-bay thinking it will bolt in place of your Femsa.
All Femsa are not same - early 69-71 have a larger coil backing plate than 72-77, however all pieces coils/points/cond/flywheel will interchange.
Use a dial indicator down the plug hole to mark TDC on flywheel and engine cases. Use a Sharpie pen , don't scratch or stamp any marks in the flywheel or cases.
Use a dial indicator or a calculated mark on flywheel with a continuity light across points for Femsa.
Motoplat uses a pin hole.

Other tools and items to have on hand-
Metric thread file
left hand tap to clean up flywheel nut
left hand die to clean up crank end
Dial indicator with adapters to set timing
electric point break indicator
Motoplat pin
Timing light
Degree wheel
Flywheel holding tools
Torque wrench (25-85 ft-lb)
folding thickness gage set (.001"-025")
variety of correct screwdrivers that fit all the different size screw heads exactly
6mm tap for case screws
5mm tap for ignition mount holes
points file
electronic multimeter
correct 6 point metric sockets for flywheel nuts
spare flywheel keys - I can supply these, see table above.
new seals for right hand crankshaft
new gaskets for seal plate
tech specs for Husqvarna timing - see #2 newsletter or owners manual
correct spark plugs -  N3C Champion - B8ES NGK
new replacement spark plug caps
spark plug wrench
spark plug gap tool
new case screws - 6mm
new ignition plate mount screws - 5mm
new points
new condensors
RTV to seal case wiring

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