P400 Miura Wheel  and speedo drive

part number
part number
alt supplier, part number, notes
approx cost, notes
front wheel bearing inner
RIV 609831A

front wheel bearing outer
FAG 4204 B TVH
double row , deep groove ball brg
20m id, 47mm od, 18m width
SKF 4204 but with specs
 to match B TVH

front wheel inner seal

40 x 52 x 7mm seal
front tire/rear tire
205/15/Cinturato Pirelli HS
Michelin XWX
$400 ea
rim strip

tube, tire

threaded inner bearing retaining ring - right (right hand thread)
threaded inner bearing retaining ring - left (left hand thread)

retaining ring set screw lock

nylock, allen set screw, same as rear wheel

speedo cable
left front wheel Jaeger drive to Jaeger speedometer
16x1 threaded connector at both cable ends, cable ends exact same, cable length 940mm

speedo "T" drive

T end is 10 od x 6.56 id x 20 long
square is 3.5mm square
total OA length = 192mm
click here
drive split pin

6.25 od x 54mm long
loose fit
screw, drive mount

6 x 18 socket head caps w/wave washers

drive, right angle speedo

drive stamped 710 no other marks
input seal G 8 x 12 x 3     11   INA
output seal  G 6 x 12 x 3    2   INA
can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
choose lubricant carefully.

Speedometer drive Unit servicing
The speedo drive for a Miura can be disassembled, cleaned, lubed  and reassembled with just home shop tools. After removal and external cleaning, the two obvious lock screws can be removed. I find it best to remove the cable section first. There is an o-ring sealing both sections, so this may take a little twisting and pulling by hand. Remember the lock screws must be removed, these lock screws are going into recessed holes in the removable round plug sections. Once the first section is out , you can understand the other will be the same. There is one loose bushing piece on the first section you will pull - DO NOT loose it.
Actually another technique for removing the first plug section might be to pump grease in to hydraulically push out the first section.
Clean all, lube all with favorite grease, most likely an AL2 spec grease will be fine. Lube the o-rings and everything will slide easily back together.
I recommend some Loctite 222 lo strength for the lock screws.

Wheel Hub info on Lamborghini P400 Miura and others -

The hubs on a Miura are standard 42mm Rudge-Whitworth short spline type. The Rudge-Whitworth splined hub patent (some as early as 1908) was originally used on wire configurations by Carlo Borrani. Many British and European cars have used this hub style as it was quick change technology straight from the race track. The table below shows hub dimensions in millimeters. A Rudge-Whitworth #52 short  is included for comparison.

Wheel Type
Maximum Wheel Bearing  size, dia
Actual Hub
Diameter mm
of splines
Spline length, short hub
42 42mm
62.5 75 37
52 52mm
73 88 37

In Europe most hubs are of the Rudge-Whitworth type with V-shaped standard splines having dimensions as shown in table. In America, and also on Rolls-Royce cars, you may find RAF type hubs which have square splines.
Actual hub diameter is taken across the outside of the splines on the car, not from the wheel hub.
The wheel type designation (42) refers to the maximum size of the outer bearing in millimeters which can be used with that hub design. This is an old designation and does not apply.
Thuis means many British wheels will fit on the Miura for temporary storage or work .

The best way to properly restore your Miura wheels for appearance and longivity  is to either tape off the  center hubs or remove them from the wheel completely and then have the wheels professionaly blasted with a DRY fine cutting agent which will remove ALL paint, primer and corrosion to bare metal.
DO NOT use metal chemical stripper on magnesium castings.
The wheels should be REAL zinc chromate primed immediately to prevent moisture from entering the metal. Magnesium is hydroscopic.  The REAL zinc chromate primer is still available in some places. The zinc chromate primer seals the metal and will also prevent air leaks from porosity problems in the castings.
Next is to apply a generous ammount PPG argent silver acrylic enamel paint with hardener to your wheels inside and out .
Your wheels will look authentic, will not leak air and will last a long time. There will be no proplems with paint comming off or blisters in the future.  
Best Jeff Stephan,  March 2011


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