Miura P400 -  Carrozzeria  Miura
Lamborghini Miura P400, Lamborghini Miura P400S, Lamborghini Miura P400SV

Description, glass
OEM details

glass, windshield

etched upper left -
·I·S·> (oval dotted logo)
I        M
DGM 7269 VSP
Ag  TP  GS  21
9mm thick
safety glass

glass, door, left

glass, door, right

glass, rear window

etched upper left
<·V·I·S·> (oval dotted logo)
8         E
IGM 0590 / VSP
Ag   TP   GS   21
12mm thick
safety glass
1380mm wide
308mm  tall
122mm thick

rubber, windshield surround

trim, rubber windshield surround


clip, windshield trim surround - 2ea

clip, rear glass secure

Description,  Front hinged section
OEM details

Skin, aluminum main front section


wheel well, left

wheel well , right

framework, steel substructure

panel, headlite right

panel, headlite left

frame, chin piece, steel

pin, headlite pivot - 2ea

panel, air deflection radiator/gascap

gasket, air deflection  panel

grill, upper right, hinged for gas cap


grill, upper left, fixed


grill, main front, wire

painted black
intercrimp weave #2,  .080" wire

grill, headlight right upper, (eyelash)


grill, headlight right lower, (eyelash)


grill, headlight left upper, (eyelash)


grill, headlight left lower, (eyelash)


latch, "U" left

latch, "U" right

bumper, front

pin, hinge, front section - 2ea

Description, Rear hinged section
OEM details

frame, steel substructure

pins, hinge, complete section - 2ea

bumper, main rear

grill, main rear hexagon

trunk lid skin


trunk lid frame, round tubing

trunk lid frame , square channel

trunk lid latch hook

trunk lid latch rod

spring, trunk lid latch rod

prop, spring loaded, trunk lid

lock, trunk lid

housing, license plate lights

latch, "U" left

latch, "U" right

Louver set , 1-6


beaded edge on late SV

Description,  Main  chassis, steel
OEM details

Chassis, main frame

latch, front right

latch, front left

latch, rear right

latch, rear left

panel, rocker  right

panel, rocker  left

panel, rear, fuel line shroud

bracket, fuse block support


panel, overhead switches P400

numbered, 1mm sheet steel construction,

bows, headliner , 2ea, P400 only

6mm steel rod, ends flatten, 3.5mm holes, 90mm bow in each
different total length - 1050mm and 1064mm

panel, aluminum heat shield upper


panel, aluminum heat shield lower


strap, rubber

Fiat 4131743

bracket, rubber strap

Fiat 4131745

plate, door scuff sill rt / lt, plain painted

alloy sheet, painted flat or semi black

used on  P400

plate, door scuff sill rt / lt , marked Bertone,  early style

early Fiat Dino coupe sill metal , folded, trimmed

used on S early models

plate, door scuff sill rt / lt , marked Bertone,   late style

late Fiat Dino coupe metal , folded, trimmed

used on S/SV models


VLG discussion snips -
 Sept/06/05 Hi all,
sorry for the delay in answering to the glass-questions. I actually allready have the 350/400 door-glasses in production today. They were the same for both models.I am doing a larger batch, and they will be ready in a few weeks to be shipped out (by sea or air).
-But I still haven't decided on how to distribute them; the factory wants them, and it would be nice to continue the relationship with them, but there are payment issues; one client in the US may want them, too, and I also have a few of you with initial interest lined up.
-maybe I can arrange something with my US client and have him distribute them to those in the group interested?
-that way all could save some money in shipping etc. +help me to make a few more to actually bring the costs down to the level we spoke of earlier...
I am also doing a set of the smaller rear side-glasses for one client in Spain. As I now only have him lined up, we decided not to do the small 1/4 ones tempered (as was original), as that would have commanded a minimum of atleast 30 cars to bring costs to an acceptable level for such a small glass (but with almost the same costs as for the larger glass!!), so we decided we'll do the few out of laminated glass instead (which comes much cheaper in these quantities). I suggested him that we'd do sets of the 1/4-glasses for 3 cars and divide the one-off tooling-costs within those samples. At this stage we can still increase the number and bring all the costs down. Those interested send me e-mail off-line or call me at my cell; +358-40-551 9841 (+10 hrs to CA, +8 to Tx, +2 to London, up 'till 11pm my time ok)
The front glass (which I also have available with roughly 2-4 week delivery-time +shipping) is the same, although I have wittnessed two original "VIS" glasses with slightly different dimensions...
-luckily "VIS" quality was far better, though, than i.ex. that of ´70's German-made "Sigla" that was Ferrari's main supplier from early ´70's 'till ´90's; I've wittnessed more than a few "OEM" Sigla windshields for Ferraris that have had quite significant differences between the samples for the same model from the same producer... -and with Ferrari's -or any other make-; even an original glass does not necessarily fit many of the restored cars anymore, especially if they were fit with a repro glass in between, so better discuss about that with your glass supplier first... 
I coincidentally also got a call a couple of hours ago from a french 400 2+2 Touring-owner I've spoken with a few times, who needs a rear-glass. I do not have that yet, but he said he might be able to get one for me as a sample. Again, I would like to price it out fairly... Any interest there???
...sorry all for all this very commercial info...
-anyhow I could do a "donation" for the moderator for the great voluntary job he is doing?? 
+358-40-551 9841

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