During the build these photos were taken showing the complexity of recreating a true Jota (added to this page 2007), Thank you Piet!

3/13/2007 - Supposedly the guys that build Piet's Jota body (Piet could fill us in on the details) had also made 3 Miura body's from scratch. Having seen the photos from the Jota body construction, I'm in no doubt thay could do a very nice job there as well.I guess it must have been totaled somehow, so now with the engine and VIN plate in hand they are building a Miura again.
03/16/07 -The chassis work on my Jota project was carried out by Chris Lawrence of Wymondham Engineering, Norfolk UK who sadly died last year. Chris had a number of people working for him one of whom has taken over what was his work in progress on a number of cars.
    When I started out on the Jota project I had purchased a seriously rusted US car which had its restoration abandoned some years before. (I already had another Miura which had been comprehensiveley restored and was regularly used).We started restoring this US car and decided that quite a number of chassis sections needed remaking. Chris had separately bought himself an early Miura which had been accident damaged (hit a tree at high speed). He had wanted one since they were first produced and saw a restoration as the way of achieving his dream.He made (I think) 5 sets of most of the chassis sections and jigs to build all these up. The idea was so that other Miura owners could in due course get accurate chassis sections provided for restoration. Very early on I decided to go down the Jota route with all that entailed (everything bespoke).Chris continued with his own car (in between other projects like 250SWBs, California Spiders, 450S etc of which he probably made one a year using the likes of 250GTE as donor .
    On the Miura front I know that Chris constructed a new chassis to replace his old damaged one. This was to a very high standard with improvements such as reinforcing where the lower chassis legs join the centre tub and making the A-pillars stronger. I know that Martin has taken over this car and intends to see through its restoration. He also took over the chassis components and would imagine that this is where the story has come about. If so then the quality of workmanship would be excellent.
    Replica, recreation, restoration are very difficult issues on which opinions vary and frequently get aired in a heated manner. Some object to any restoration at all (preferring the patina of originality even if it falls apart) and others are happy with such as the renault powered Miura replica (yuck) doing the rounds a few years ago in Europe.My view (FWIW) is that so long as one is honest about what is happening with no intention to pretend that a car is other than what it really is then provided the work is to a high quality any retsoration should be encouraged. And this includes replacing a damaged chassis.
But I dont support hunting for orphan identities. Bringing a damaged car back to life is good whereas reviving a destroyed car from paperwork alone is not.
06/26/05 - VLG - Piet Pulford Jota Miura in Classic & Sports Car - I received a number of e-mails from Piet Pulford regarding the wheels on his Jota.  With his permission, I am posting the pictures he sent to me.  Below, is an edited, compiled summary of his e-mails responding to various questions I posed, containing very interesting information, etc. on his car and on the wheels used.  I think this group will find this of particular interest. Piet, thank you very much for sharing. Alberto

Photos of mine are attached.
Stefano Pasini helped me with sourcing these.  The spare set of wheels from the original Jota were used on the Urraco Bob which at that time had been restored by Emilian Auto.

We took the details from those (interestingly the rears are 13" and not 12" as per the books - the die stamp was poorly struck on the rim leading to this mis-reading which has percolated thru' history). Stefano very kindly helped with the introduction to Prosimet who remanufactured a set for me, albeit specified to allow for brake clearances.  What we forgot (and had to fit later) was to allow for a tyre bead to stop tubeless tyres from coming off when flat.  But that has been the subject of a separate recent posting thread.

The Jota wheels do not have splines. They are driven by 6 pegs mounted into a plate on the end of the driveshaft which locate into holes in the wheels.  If you are going to have similar type wheels made for a car which has splines you will presumably need to specify that either they fit the splines (and then you need to specify exactly what size etc) or that the centre is left to a particular dimension and you then have this machined out and standard splines fitted. After all the wheel type is more normally seen on a Bizzarini which has splines and knock-offs so it must be easy for a techy person to make it work.

Dimensions of my wheels and tyres are Front 15" x 9" and Rear 15" x 13" with 245/15 and 345/15 tyres respectively.  Spare as front.

As to profile I was provided by Prosimet with a section for the rims which required us to give them critical internal dimensions so as to ensure that brake callipers, discs and suspension hubs did not foul the wheel rims.  (Just imagine the lathe effect of metal on metal at speed!!). Also they came without centre splines (the Jota wheels were peg driven) so needed work to suit our requirements.

Bear in mind that the similarity between the Jota and the Miura is purely a vague superficial resemblance. The Jota is a completely different car with different chassis and suspension design. A number of the lessons learnt from it were incorporated into the Countach so it is better to think of it as a half-way house.

The car which we started with was chassis no 29 (ex US) which was seriously rusted. The project involved the construction of a completely new chassis and monocoque retro-designing to be as the various photos yet to match the critical dimensions.  The only elements reused being the screen, steering rack, engine block, main instrument cowling and of course chassis plate!  When I acquired the original car it was dismantled with many parts missing.  After we finished we cut up the remnants of the rusted chassis which was beyond salvation and put the re-usable parts on the shelf for my other Miura or to help other owners in due course.  Piet Pulford

this is a work in progress! any help would be appreciated.
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