P400 Miura Lubrication Systems

Always a discussion with hi dollar engines, "How do i get prelube on my V12 to avoid wear at startup? I understand this is the most critical time in engine wear."

A simple diagram of how the oil gets picked up in the sump, thru the gear oil pump, up thru the casting into the filter chamber outer area. Then the oil passes thru the filter into the center collection tube and down and out, thru the fittings...thru pipe...thru block fitting and into Miura engine.
See  tav11 for part numbers and more details.
The Miura engine does not have any check valve to prevent  backflow to the sump. When the engine shuts down, oil from the oil filter goes back thru the pump and into the sump, while some oil may bleed away to the engine side as well.
The maximum pressure poppet is a simple spring loaded piston off to the side that allows maximum pressure to be set via the spring chosen.
The filter bypass spring loaded ball valve  is again standard practice bleed off should the filter become clogged or overloaded.

Accusump - pressurized accumulator and details.
Probably would eliminate need for a Miura lowered sump as the accumulator would supplement any drop in engine oil pump performance. 
I feel the unit should be mounted vertical with oil end up to allow any intrained air to self-bleed out of the system as soon as possible. A conical oil end plate on the Accusump could allow for some variance in this vertical mount, but i do not think it is offered at this time.
It seems a Miura installation will require(in addition to Accusump unit and mounts) :
1) large check valve to prevent oil back flow.
2) EPC valve to get full advantage of Accusump.
3) fittings, hoses, tubing, etc to replace or tie into existing pipe MO-03757 location.

Attention Please! - i need to know the type fittings and a supplier for the fitting found on the end of the oil pipe M0-03757.
even though the threads measure 30 x 1.5, i am not sure that is correct. JIS? BSPP? other?
see tav11 as well, thank you . email - miura@adelphia.net

other items to consider
a) replacing existing Lamborghini oil filter with pair of modern spin on oil filters on remote mounts (body down)
b) installing an oil cooler/ fan system

bypass existing filter to allow for remote filter
design #1

Fabricate 4 new pieces to look like period Lamborghini .
1. new steel stand tube with porting for adequate oil flow.
2. shorter new bell to replace old filter housing, but to look like oem sand cast.
3. gasket, most likely  copper as oem.
4. fastener, grade 8, black finish , large head , similar to oem. Original bolt is too long to allow for shortest bell.

period oil hoses used on Lamborghini
design #2
see - http://www.geocities.com/lamboguy/PC_OilPump_8.gif
check out what is used on a 400GT, a parallel Lamborghini to the Miura.
notice fitting MO-01481 that is used on both engines.

remote oil filters
design #3

Endplate of a Miura engine - the shaft is driven from the crank shaft thru a gear set and drives the gear type oil pump as well as extending out to drive the water pump. Water pump is removed in this photo.

I would like actual experience with these or other systems. thank you.

other posibilities :
Enginegear products -
pump and details


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