Lamborghini vintage Smog Tags

purpose is to help with Marelli distributor maintenance and timing specs for USA smog Lamborghini.
One item of note would be static timing of 2 deg or 6 deg or whatever. Since the ideal timing for a Lamborghini engine at 10:1 (standard compression ratio) would be 40 degrees at about 4000 rpm, each S129 distributor would need to be set up correctly to provide this. Since many older cars have had the smog features removed because of smog parts no longer available, it is imperative that owner of a USA model Lamborghini be aware of the exact timing specs of their particular car. Certainly 20 static / 20 centrifugal is standard  non smog setup, but the S129 must be set up properly to provide only 20 degrees at the crank.
1972 Espada
OEM tag

1975 Espada
OEM tag

1972 Miura SV
possible repro tag

P400 Parts List

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