P400 trunk details
part number
light, trunk interior - 1ea

chrome rectangular with opaque white glass lense
see Fig. 2 and 3
switch, trunk light

CEAM  clipon, white button

knob, trunk trim panel secure, lft/rt - 6ea

black plastic, threaded ball like knobs
see Fig. 4
lock, trunk release

push button, Lancia Fulvia
see Fig. 1
arm, trunk lid prop

spring loaded swing retract

pin, trunk hinge - 2ea

6 x 60mm, steel,  4.4 dia grooves at 48mm apart 1.4 width
pin pointed at one end to ease install
E-ring circlip, trunk hinge pin

din 6799
hook , latch

fastens to trunk lid frame
see Fig.6
latch gate, spring loaded

fastens to body tail section
see Fig.5
hinge, trunk lid - 2ea

bolts to trunk frame, over travel stops adjustable
2 styles - early P400/P400S solid bar , later P400S/SV C channel
see Fig. 7
bolts, trunk hinge to lid  - 4ea

6x20 unmarked head, zinc

washers, trunk hinge to lid  - 4ea

6.1x18.3x2  zinc

internal tooth lock  -  4ea

6mm black oxide

hose, drain left and right


plug, body left and right


weather strip, trunk lid

small round tube type, glued in place

trim, aluminum angle, black

screws, aluminum angle trim

panel board, trunk right

Rexine vinyl covered fiber hardboard (4.5mm)  handhold slot.
small pebble grain flat black
panel board, trunk left

Rexine vinyl covered fiber hardboard (4.5mm) no slot
small pebble grain flat black
panel, trunk trim forward wall, 2 section

Rexine vinyl covered fiber pad, glued in place
small pebble grain flat black
panel, trunk trim floor

Rexine vinyl covered fiber pad, glued in place small pebble grain flat black
panel, trunk trim rear, right

Rexine vinyl covered fiber pad, glued in place
small pebble grain flat black
panel, trunk trim rear, left

Rexine vinyl covered fiber pad, glued in place
small pebble grain flat black

 I would like somone to identify this trunk button for me please.
If it is Lancia, what year, model, etc
Fig 2
inside a P400 trunk light. 2 oval chrome screws hold face on light at each end.  The glass lens held in by soldered tabs. No marking found on anything!   The light is riveted in the trunk thru the far end holes. The trunk light is difficult to see, but works well. Trunk photos will never show it as it is under the forward horizontal edge of the trunk.
P400 trunk light assembled. outside dimensions are - 85mm long x 40mm wide.
 installed the heigth or depth is 23mm.
11/2008 info from
Jürgen Wilms - OKP Parts and Engineering Repro light
P400 panel knobs, holding left and right  trunk panels in place.  threads are 6 x 1,0 , 19mm round dia,  19mm tall, hard black plastic.
Fig. 5
trunk latch gate, which fastens to rear section , steel construction, numbered for build, spring loaded, custom weldment. 1.5mm sheet steel , 6mm rod for latch brazed to  8mm x 1mm wall tube for pivot on 6mm rod (welded to frame), 3mm material for stop. spring is 1.8 wire, 8mm id coil, 6 coils, preload 90deg. Tapped 1.5mm sheet for 4x.7 oval head screws
Fig. 6
Trunk latch hook, fastens to trunk frame, P400 round tube frame only.  3mm steel material for hook, 4mm for base, butt weld, holes to fit existing tapped frame. build number .
Fig. 7
Trunk hinge. 6mm x 20mm steel strap bent to shape, 6mm weldnut for overtravel bolt, 6mm ID tubing for pivot. The later model S/SV uses "C" channel material for this hinge (probably 2mm material, but 6mm channel). This later C style also has a "tongue" for tripping light switch on left hinge.
Trunk lid prop rod early P400, riveted to body, also clip.

Trunk lid prop arm late P400, spring loaded, welded to frame.
Fig. 9
round tube frame trunk lid - a very specific characteristic of a P400. The simple welded tube frame has a flange of flat steel sheet added, which allows the the aluminum skin to be crimped to it.
Fig. 10 CEAM clip on style switch - P400 only

There is a very specific location for this clip-on CEAM switch. It mates with a specific trunk frame pad that is added to the forward left edge of the round, tube steel frame of the trunk lid. The picture of #274 below shows the approximate correct location.
11. Trunk weatherstrip - rubber

splitline occurs at center rear,
12. Trim angle strip - rear edge of trunk - black  - screwed to rear trunk frame - see #4 in #274 photo below.
13. Trunk liner panels

Rexine vinyl used on all panels

click photos for larger image

1. right side trunk panel w/slot
2. panel fastening knob
3. body plug
4. angle trim piece
5. rubber shielding for hot wire
6. trunk light switch - CEAM

photo of trunk button

photo of  trunk button


after #98

after #98





2007 March - Trunk lock buttons on Miura built after approximately #98 show the OEM style to be the thin rimmed type as shown on the left columns. The replacement buttons are the more commonly found, thick rim style. The two styles readily replace one another, but the big difference is the lock cylinders are different.
The thin rim style lock OEM Miura trunk cylinder requires a Fiat/Lambo/Ferrari key and matches the doors.
The thick rimmed style trunk lock cylinder requires a Lancia key and requires a third car key (ignition, door, trunk).
The thin rimmed style are extremely prone to corrosion damage because of low grade potmetal in the thin rimmed cylinder and because of the fact that the trunk locks are left in the inward locked position, moisture accumulates in this annular area and remains to corrode all.
The thick rimmed style cylinders are made of brass instead of potmetal and simply survive the environments better. The thick rimmed style are found in period Lancia model automobiles.
This trunk lock is a great check of a Miura example reporting to be unrestored, all original.

How to tell if a Miura has worms
P400S end

P400S end

Miura OEM trunk lock details
complete assembly

2-body rubber gasket
3,4- inside washer.nut
5-main spring
7,8,9,10-button assembly
12 - pin holds 7,8,9,10
11-alignment screw pin
cylinder details

Disassembly of trunk lock requires the #12 pin be driven out. The head is peened in a flare. This flare or even end of the pin must be removed prior to driving the the pin thru the assembly to avoid pounding this flared end thru the other pieces. Doing so will enlarge the bore hole and gall damage the other pieces. Even if you remove the entire end of the pin, there will be enough material to reuse the brass pin. Think carefully about appropriate support prior to attempting to drive the pin out or in.


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