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Islero notes-
January 2012 -
Hi Marc, I just rebuilt the differential in my Islero 6159.  The main bearing were pitted a bit, I assume from water condensing in the differential as it set for many year.  I had a local transmission shop do the work and they didn't seem to have a problem.  Now back to the bearings.  Once I was told the bearings were bad I called the standard Lamborghini parts people and was told that generic bearings would be $250 a piece and OEM would be $750 a piece.  This is crazy, Lamborghini never made their own bearing.  So, I had the old bearing pressed out and guess what they are Timken bearings.  The cone is 348A and the cup is 362X.  I went on line and found the roller cage cone,  for something like $18.00.  The surprise came when the cup (separate large outer race)was quoted at $85.00.  The standard 362 cup is around $15, so I called Timken and they said the 362 is not interchangeable with the 362X and that the 362X was a heaver duty race.  So with all that I ordered them (348A/362X) from a standard Timken supplier for less than half what it would have cost me if I hadn't done some checking.  Differential went back together without a problem and I hope to have it back in the car in a few week. Hope this helps    Happy New Year,    Jonathan

March 2008 -
Daniel  wrote: Dear all, I need some help with gaining access to the wheel bearings.  I am rebuilding the wheel (front and back).  I do not have the original pieces and therefore can not find exactly what bearings they are.   May I request for help in finding out the exact sizes, norms, etc of these bearings. best regards to all,
Daniel   Islero 6252
John T wrote: Hi Daniel,   I have just replaced the wheel bearing on my Islero and I used following bearings from SKF
2 Stk SKF 4204 ATN9 .
2 32X62X20 double row bearing, deep groove. RIV8831 ( you can get these at
2  NU2207
2  4208
2  shaft sealing  40 x 52 x 7
2  shaft sealing  55 x 70 x 8mm
2  shaft sealing 52 x 72 x 10mm
  Best regards    John T
Craig wrote: Hi John, Thank you for the wheel bearing info. Can i ask some more questions for my own records?  did you purchase all from thru phone? email order? credit card? paypal?  The 32X62X20 double row bearing, deep groove RIV8831 i could not find available. Can you give us more info on this? price? size? numbers? markings?  thanks for your help on this , Craig
Hi Craig,  I am in a lucky position, that I work in company that use many bearings, so I get bearings a special price.  Either FAG and SKF have the 32X62X20 bearing, but Peter bearings has them both in original and non original, which according to Peter is reworked SKF bearings.  580 Eur tax for the original and 180 Eur excl. sale tax for the non original.   I bought the non original and they look fine. Peter speaks English and he accepts PayPal.    By the way the bearings I replaced look like new. All RIV expect for the small one in front wheel.    John T

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