P400 Lamborghini Miura P400 headrest details

The first 275 Miura which of course were P400 were designed with an early style, tall, isosceles trapezoid shaped  headrest that did not carry over to the P400S or SV.  The design and installation of these early headrests seemed to confound just about all the mechanics who worked with them and still do to this day 2007. Most were basketweave vinyl on the "tuck and roll" front face. If there was a special color desired, they would be matching the seat insert perforated vinyl or leather on this same face.
build and notes
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Miura unknown
The fabrics match, hidden fasteners, the headrest lay back against the rear glass, all make this look like original installation.
Does the rear wall carpet go under the trim strip (as shown in the photo) or does the carpet go out with the binding edge showing?

Miura #274 is one of the last P400. This valuable photo shows the tapering, isosceles trapezoid design with no visable fasteners holding the headrest in place. It is the hidden fasteners that confound the period and modern mechanics and this usually leads to cutting open the headrest, which then leads to repairs and/or the use of exposed fasteners that are more readily understood by the current and future idiots. This pair of headrests in 274 seem to be original and correct, while the seat upholstery does not. The original basket weave center section of the seats has been replaced, or more likely leather material has been installed in the distant past.

An original P400 headrest, disassembled, but laid back together. It consists of  and aluminum mount plate, a wood plate or wood product plate like OSB, two rivets to hold the two together, foam padding, outside edge of foam wrapped with thin foam, and the upholstery sew-up portion.
This photo shows the glue pattern for the foam, the two rivets to fasten aluminum to wood, the two somewhat randomly hand done two drill hole pattern for mounting in the Miura, the formed aluminum sheet for fitting over the interior trimmed rail, and the wood portion for holding upholstery tacks along the lower edge of the finished headrest.

click the photos for large views

These are the same headrest pieces simply moved apart and show off at a angle to see the thickness of the wood and the formed aluminum sheet. Surprisingly the wood portion, while it could have been easily a straight lower edge to match the offset aluminum fold where it mounts, is not straight, but rather just hand cut please note the glue pattern for the foam, not the upholstery.

Here Nigel, the metalman at Bobileff's has formed a new aluminum panel for the basis of fabricating a whole new headrest. the ruller will give some dimension should you pursue this yourself.

Here is a photo of the original backside, please notice the absence of glue on the wood, but do see it on the aluminun back side. notice the tack holes in the face of the lower wood for fastening the lower portion of the upholstery. the lower edge of the wood is also used for tacking across its entire width. The lower upholstery is glued into place in the pattern shown.

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