P400 interior information

description - P400 only, not S or SV
part number
OEM manufacture
part number

1. rod, pull release rear section

custom fab
looks like Fiat, but custom fabricate

2. vent, interior

Renault 10

3. speedo, 320kph

no Lambo logo
drive shown below

4. steering wheel

Hellebore, Ferrero
Hellebore leather coverd wood in very early models, Ferrero leather covered rubber  is standard

5. tachometer, 0-100 (0-10,000)

no Lambo logo

6. cable assm, odometer reset


7. rod, pull release front section
Fiat 850 spider
shortened to fit
shown below

8. valve, water flow to heater

alloy diapham valve, Ferrari 250 and other Ferrari, Maserati 3500, Alfa Giulietta 750, 101 Giulietta Spider,  Sprint,  Lambo 350, 400, Miura, Islero, Espada

9. turn signal, horn, hi/lo, flash
Lucas type 119SA
Lucas type 119SA
Lucas #35978D - is correct! others will substitute but stem will not be as original

10. pad, clutch pedal, rubber

11. pad, brake pedal, rubber

12. pad, throttle, rubber

13. lever, defrost


14. vent, interior

Renault 10
plastic, same as #2

15. light

SIEM, france, ROMANS

16. light

SEIM, france, ROMANS

17. light

SEIM, france, ROMANS

18. light

SEIM, france, ROMANS

19. light

SEIM, france, ROMANS

light, turn blink indicator

SEIM, france
between speedo and tach

20. switch, ignition
0342 311 003 or 0342 311 007
same as Islero, early Espada, early Jarama and other Italian like Alfa

21. switch, toggle, parking lights

22. switch, toggle

23. switch, toggle,

24. switch, toggle,

25. switch, toggle, heater 2 speed

26. switch, toggle, interior lights

27. gage, water temp


28. gage, oil temp


29. gage, oil pressure


30. gage, gasoline


31. gage, amperes


32. clock


33. knob, reset clock


34. knob, gear shift

wood in very early models, leather is standard

35. switch, windshield wiper, wash


36. shift gate

factory custom

37. lighter, cigarette


38. switch, headlite up/on


39. handle, parking brake

Fiat 850 Spider
modified Fiat

40. panel, trim

alumimum, vinyl fabric covered, 1.25mm sheet  aluminum

41. clips, trim panel/rear glass

steel, dipped vinyl coating on glass hold end

41a. screw, machine, clip

5x.0.8x15 threads into a floating nut plate

41b. washer, machine screw

5mm x 15mm OD x 1mm thick

41c. washer, lock, star

5mm external star

42. headrest assembly

P400 only
fiberboard, aluminum, foam rubber, vinyl fabric, muslin, thread assembly

42a. fasteners headrest

P400 only

mirror, rear view
Fiat 850 Spider
wrinkle black

visor, left driver

Fiat 850 Spider
snake bite vinyl

visor, right passenger

Fiat 850 Spider
snake bite vinyl with small oval type mirror

light, interior kick panel - 2ea

Fiat 850 Spider interior
possible Carello , marked  SIRIO 5R
Fiat #4132097

arm, windshield wiper

Lucas, made in England
flat black, 15"

blade, complete, wire style

Carello licenza Trico
dull silver finish, hi speed wire frame style, 15"

nozzle, spray, windshield wash - 2ea

maybe Lucas

ashtray, early  (as pictured)

ashtray, standard

brass, all chrome plated

seatbelts, w/shoulder strap

Fiat logo buckle

headliner, fabric and construction P400

snake bite ivory vinyl,  bow pockets 235mm apart, pockets are 950mm length, 15mm pocket height
P400 only
see below
bows, headliner P400

6mm steel rod, flatten ends drilled 3.5mm, 90 mm bow in both, one is 1064mm the other 1050mm in running length, crudely fabricated, not symetrical.
P400 only
see below

insulation, headliner

fiberglas sheet glued to to roof

vent, headliner rear with sliding slot covers

snake bite vinyl cover

floor carpet

floor rubber matting

early Fiat 850 floor covering , ISO trunk

Louis Meza - European & Classic Auto Upholstery, Louis Meza, 5744 Elk Street, San Diego, CA 92114, 619-527-4490,
The best Lamborghini upholstery craftsman I have ever seen! All his work is show quality. Does all work for Gary Bobileff....
http://www.lambojack.com/Service Sources.htm

this is item #41 above. The vinyl covered, wall to wall trim strip (10cm by 140cm) simply hooks over the top of this series of 5ea clamps and the bottom of the trim strip is what attaches it to the wall with the fasteners hidden behind the headrests

P400 steering wheel , leather wrapped, three spokes with 2 holes. This is the most common steering wheel used from late P400 thru all the rest, approximately 550+ Miura used this steering wheel.

6mm steel rod, flatten ends drilled 3.5mm, 90 mm bow in both, one is 1064mm the other 1050mm in running total length, crudely fabricated, not symetrical., longer one has the famous blue paint on the end.

2 insets show pocket ends - pockets are a 40mm wide strip sewn down its center in the appropriate location, then folded up and sewn to form a long tube with a 5mm selvage . This leaves a 15mm high pocket tube. 36" yard stick shown.  Bow pockets are 235mm apart, pockets are 950mm length, 15mm pocket height. Headliner shown here is 710mm at widest by 1170mm at longest. Dimensions starting at widest at centerline from front -  185mm first pocket, 420mm second pocket, 710 width.  Pretty simple construction! fabric is ivory snake bite vinyl found at many supply places. P400 visors are coverd with same, originally the visors are a simple heat sealed edge. If anyone has advice on how to get this heat sealing done, please let me know.

Headliner vinyl snakebite fabric has very thin sheet of foam padding glued to the outer rim 50mm and around the vent area to allow smooth transition. possibly the foam was glued to body and not to this fabric. glue was used around all 4 edges to secure the fabric in place.

Looks pretty dirty on this side from remnants of glue, foam and fiberglass - pretty clean on the other side. Shown is actual backside of the snakebite. Rod pockets are cut from same material.

Finished product P400 headliner shows the the two single stitch lines where the pocket are sewn thru from the other side. This of course is done with color matched thread..

Possible suppliers of headliner snakebite vinyl -
Matt at Reoriginals in TX http://www.reoriginals.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=3042

World Upholstery and Trim in CA -   http://www.worlduph.com/ithdl.htm

each 850 has one of these to release the rear latch of the 850 front hood. The wrapped flat bracket is easily opened and removed and will leave a small nylon bushing , the remnants of  the rubber boot can be stripped off quite easily. The rod, plastic V handle and nylon bushing  are all that is required. The plastic V handle should be off white/beige plastic molded permanently to the rod. This dual pull rod system is used on the first 275 builds.
These will need to be shortened 55mm by cutting off, installed in Miura bush assembly, boot added, new end hammered flat and new hole drilled.

Renault 10  black plastic vent discs were used in Miura builds #4-762

S+  models have matching vinyl insert used in frame area with thin padding to match other interior vinyl.
An obscure item is the ashtray flip/flop spring that is found on both ends of the BOM ashtray as shown above. This one has failed due to corrosion of one end hook. Pretty rough looking, but the documentation of size is priceless to a restoration.

This 850 Fiat Spyder style was used as a replacement on many Miura. Its screw mount pattern is slightly wider than the original "Rhinoceros style" with exposed screws mount stem. The mirror head, with its threaded stud, is felt to be the same in both applications. A new, repro Rhino mirror mount is available from Bobileff.

66-69 850 Fiat spider - outside push buttons, inside locks/trim plastic , 850 top strap used as spare tire straps


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