P400 Electrics

part number
OEM Manufacture
part number
additional info
part number
alternator, 12volt
Bosch number
alternator complete
0 120 400 644
brush holder plate 1 124 336 066
carbon brush set 
1 127 014 009
diode(-) 1 127 320 035
heat sink assy.(+) 1 125 715 051
diode(+) 1 127 320 025
exciter diode plate 1 121 099 007
exciter diode 0 270 000 009
stator winding 1 125 045 000
rotor 1 124 034 022
belt pulley 1 126 600 045
fan 1 126 610 025
bearing, drive end 1 900 905 304
bearing, slip-ring end
1 900 905 202
capacitor B+ 0 290 800 012
0 120 400 547   

alternator drive seal

22 x 40 x 7mm seal

starter motor
Bosch number
actual observed
starter complete, Bosch 0 001 354 101 ?
0 001 359 700
carbon brush set
1 007 014 10

spring, brush pressure 2 004 652 032
2 004 004 051

field coils 1+ 2
2 004 114 117

field coils 3 + 4
2 004 114 116

drive with pinion
2 006 209 223
9 tooth,  AL68/2595V, 711, Germany
drive-end frame
2 005 824 445
bearing, drive end
2 000 301 000

commutator-end  frame
2 005 854 007

bearing, commutator end
2 000 301 009

0 331 401 006
0 331 401 006,Bosch, Germany 12v, 710
made in Germany
712      4208
0 001 359 700

voltage regulator
Bosch RS AD1/14 v,  0 190 601 006

spark plugs
Bosch W235-P1 gap-0.35mm
Champion N-6Y

battery, 12volt

Magneti Marelli - S 85 C   -  9°   30'  , 7J

seal, distributor shaft
47 x 35 x 7
35 x 47 x 7 mm seal
CR 13938

coil, bobina
Magneti Marelli w/resistor and bracket

400GT, Jarama

connector, spark plug
Bosch #0356100014, made in France, woodscrew
62mm long
Volkswagen, Beru

cap, seal  for connector
(not shown) black rubber , seals plug wire to screw on Bosch connector

wire seperator  2
rubber grommet, 38mm OD, 16mm thick, 3mm depth groove, radiused edges

wire seperator 4
rubber grommet

wire seperator 6
rubber grommet

bracket, wire seperator
brazed steel assembly, 3mm steel wire, 1.5mm sheet steel flag ends

wire, spark plug
7mm copper core, black

additional resources- http://www.kingsborne.com/index.htm

notes from P400S parts book -
starting with engine #2769
ME-06091 distributor complete replaces ME-02984

Miura spark wire bracket
P400 Fiamm horn set , showing bases and bracket
P400 Bosch #0356100014, made in France
yes made in France

electronic ignition for  Miura (notes from VLG jan 2005)
I think you can find good local solutions all over the world (or nearly). There are several solutions in the US with Electro-Motive, MSD, Perma-Tune. I live in France and there is a pretty good solution provided by Multic (close to Chartres). From my standpoint, electronic ignition is really worth it: starting is easier, the car runs more smoothly, no more settings… return on investment in 10 000 km approx. or less.
However, there are mainly 3 families of solutions for electronic ignition (increasing complexity and also increasing price) and it’s better to have an idea of what you want beforehand, because you can get really lost and not understand the difference in price. Hereafter, a short summary of these 3 families of electronic ignition systems.
1) With break points and distributor(s)
You get an electronic module whose main purpose is to have a low current going through your break points; hence, you get 2 major benefits:
-          your break points do not get worn out after 5000 km (you need to install new ones before installing the electronic module), they should last at least 50 000 km
-          you have a constant dwell over all the rpm range, hence you have the same spark energy from low revs to high revs
2) Breakerless and with distributor(s)
You get a similar electronic module as in 1) and a set of magnetic / optical sensors that replace the break points; so, instead of getting the firing signal through the break points, you get it from the sensors. You get all the benefits as described above, plus:
-          more precise and regular firings (in 1) if the setting of the break points is not perfect, the electronic module is not going to change it)
-          since there is no more mechanical parts for the firing signal, you do not have to replace anything at any time
3) Breakerless and distributorless
This is the best system, also the most expensive (this is what you have today on Murcielago or Gallardo). You get a more sophisticated electronic module (usually it is programmable and you can set-up your spark timing curve from your PC) + a set of sensors + a timing system to be added on the flywheel (usually) + mini-coils per spark-plugs. Of course, you get all the benfits of 1) and 2) plus
-          more accurate spark timing (in 1) and 2), the timing is provided by the mechanical parts ie spring and mass of the distributor)
-          ability to change the timing curve, depending on conditions,
-          ability to adjust timing curve to additional sensors (knock, temperature, ...)
-          ability to add an electronic rev limiter (can also exist in 1) and 2))
-       .. capabilites are limited by your imagination and your time!
Have a good installation!  Julien Mazerolle  Espada 9126

I have a fair amount of experience with the ignition systems on older Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis. I don't really have much of a problem with breaker points ignition systems and have found that many attempts to up-grade from breaker points bring other problems. Correctly set-up ignition points can last 5,000 and even 10,000 miles. Also, using the points as "signaling" devices only, doesn't deal with many other deficiencies with the distributor.

We have an old Sun distributor testing machine. It's about 50 years old but it's an indispensable aid in setting up distributors. Most of the older Lamborghinis that come in for "tune-up" work have, at best, improperly set-up distributors and at worst totally worn-out distributors. Most of them have incorrect or non functioning ignition advance mechanisms and the dual ignition points ( 4 points sets in some) rarely share the same dwell angle settings and are usually not synchronized correctly. You can tinker with electronic ad-on systems but if the advance curve or points synchronization are not right you are wasting your time, effort and money. We have become convinced, after over-hauling many distributors that had no signs of previous disassembly, that many of the Marelli distributors left the Lamborghini factory with incorrect springs and related parts in the ignition advance systems, The cars often had "flat-spots" when accelerating which was blamed on the carburetors.

Another problem with attempts at upgrading parts of the ignition system is that often the energy from MSD-type components is too much for the rest of the old style ignition parts causing rotors, distributor caps and spark-plug/coil cables to fail. One solution is to replace the whole system. We have modified MSD Billet Distributors to fit. In that case you can run all compatible parts such as rotor, cap, coil, amplifier and spark plug cables. MSD even sells an electronic adjustable ignition advance computer so you can disable the advance weights.

Even with the full MSD ignition system though, there are still problems. One is that above 3,000 RPM, MSD ignition amplifiers revert to single spark ignition. Except for emissions testing, what good is Multiple Spark Discharge if it goes back to single spark discharge just when you start driving on the fun side of the tachometer? Also any change or fluctuation in cam timing or lash in a distributor gear-set directly affects ignition timing control.

The best system to use is a crank-fired set-up such as what  Electromotive sells. The long duration spark is initiated by a rigidly mounted trigger wheel on the end of the crankshaft. The spark goes directly from the coil pack to the spark plug and a fully programmable computer controls timing and spark duration. (Plug or cover the hole and throw the distributor on the shelf with your other relics.) All you need is a lap-top to make adjustments. Some time on a good chassis dyno would help to get the maximum performance out of your ignition system.
Wil de Groot feb 2005

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