Íhlins Shocks 1966 -2020

1966 - Vintage - Post Vintage - Modern  - 2020
Íhlins Shock Service -
Send your Íhlins to  Husqvarna 4 Speed , we will rebuild your damper units to new. Usually 10 day turnaround.
hoses on remotes are taking more time as supplies are limited. allow more time for early remotes.

Dual Íhlins service cost at $195 labor pair (includes oil and nitrogen)(plus kit & shipping), includes replacing all wear items listed in kit below, additional hardware (like shaft, shimpak, bumper, end brg, etc.) and labor extra at some reasonable cost. This is not including any cosmetic work . Shocks should  be sent in extremely clean (without springs will save shipping weight as well , but not mandatory, removing springs can be dangerous).
We service all Twin shock Remotes or Piggybacks  - Maico, Can Am, Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Kawaski, Montesa, CCM, CZ, Ossa, Bultaco, Hercules, and other high end competition bikes. We are an authorized Service Center for Ohlins products, using the latest, up to date methods, brand new shop tooling, all correct lubrication and oil products.
Additional items priced to include at time of reseal service:
- overhaul kit required for above rebuild - $60 per pair
- gold, grooved body caps - $35 pair (sometimes mandatory, as old ones are hammered)
- shaft bumpers - $20 pair (usually required as old ones are shot)
- new shaft + install - $85 each (for most Huskys, others  might be little more)
- upgrade to needle injection reservoir caps + install - $40
- new upper Heim bearings + install - $25 each
- new upper Heim spacers with seals - $24 per shock
-  revalve compression and rebound to fit your weight and style - $40-$60 per pair
- digitally analyze spring set to give a base point for upgrade - $40 (free with shock rebuild service or spring purchase)
- new Springs - call or e-mail for prices
- NEW! new remote hoses - custom pair will add $68 to rebuild service.

Stripping and Painting service available during rebuild service - $30-$60

Craig, Thanks for the fast shock rebuild and quick turnaround time. The shocks worked great. I won my first post-vintage race in the 40 intermediate class on my 1984 Husqvarna XC250 at the Casey,IL regional. I look forward to getting more tips and products from you.  HUSKY'S RULE    THANKS, MITCH

We service all Íhlins single shock applications - Husqvarna, Maico, Can Am, Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Kawaski, Yamaha, CCM, Bultaco,  and other high end competition bikes. We are an authorized Service Center for Ohlins products, using the latest, up to date methods, brand new shop tooling, all correct lubrication and oil products.
Single Íhlins service cost - $90 labor +parts/shipping
typical parts/supplies for single
Seal head complete - $90 (most times the seal head can be rebuilt for $50-60)
O-ring and circlip kit - $25
other item to consider at time of reseal -
- shaft bumpers - $15 (usually required as old ones are shot)
- new shaft + install - $85 est (for most Huskys, others  might be little more)
- new schrader valve seal insert - Free with reseal service
- upgrade to needle injection reservoir cap + install - $25
- new upper Heim bearing + install - $42 each
- new upper Heim spacers with seals - $25
-  revalve compression and rebound to fit your weight and style - $40
- digitally analyze spring set to give a base point for upgrade - $20 (free with spring purchase)
- new Spring - aprox - $110 - call or e-mail for prices

Call or e-mail Craig to confirm an appointed time for you, or if time is not an issue ship as you see fit.
Clean and ship your Ohlins to :click for larger view
Husqvarna 4 Speed
1501 West King Street
Martinsburg, WV 25401

Suggestions for shipping - wrap each unit in several layers of newspaper, then bag each unit in a plastic trash bag, box in a study box, ship by UPS ground with tracking label to above address

If your shafts are pitted or bent, we have  replacements.
If your pistons are too worn to be lapped into spec they can be replaced.
If you would like revalving to better fit your style or weight, easily done.
If you want new gold reservoirs, we have these in stock.
If your springs are pitted or you simply want new ones, we stock all sizes/rates in black or yellow.
If you need heim joints, spacers, heim seals,  rubber reservoir mounts, clamps, spring retainers , etc, we have all those and more.

Reservations for this Íhlins service must be arranged prior to you shipping shocks -  husky@huskyclub.com

Suspension Service Additional Info -click here 
New EVO  Íhlins custom builds Additional Info - info click here 2005! new head design!
You design exact specs you need. Shock will be built to spec! for you, your weight, your bike!

New Classic Íhlins custom builds Additional Info - info click here - now available in Custom build!
You design exact specs you need. Shock will be built to spec! for you, your weight, your bike!

Íhlins  fork custom build and service

Íhlins Single shock NOS units for sale
Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki 95-97

Suspension Tips- click here
Click this text for thoughts about buying Íhlins off of ebay
We build Íhlins shocks everyday -
click for larger

New Íhlins Classic MX shocks - the Extreme Ultimate in vintage dual shock suspension. You have spent all this time and effort on your 1973 Husqvarna  AHRMA race bike and now you are looking for the best suspension products. Or your Mag 250 is fast but you can't hang on because your old rear units are bucking you off. Or you just completed a Heikki Mikkola Replica 250 CR GP Husky and now you want to be faster than that other guy?  Maybe a you have just completed a Classic AHRMA 250 Torsten Hallman Replica 67 250 ? Does your ultimate Swedish competition weapon , Husqvarna , deserve anything but the best Swedish competition rear shock, Íhlins?  Is your bike, your body, your back prepared for the best race you can give? These hi tech rear suspension damper units will help you perform at your best. This is the best !  Nitrogen charged 36mm steel bodied dampers, internal dividing piston separates the nitrogen from the high tech Ohlins oil, internal reservoir in the main body, 14mm rubber mounted sleeves w/bushings to fit 10mm (to date)

Classic Twin Suspension sizes avail now are (this is in progress, more to come)
Part  # Applications spring
recent examples design build note View price       note      
H4Sx 66-71 4 speed 
250 cross
360 cross
400 cross
360 sportsman
click for larger view Classic
body up
body dwn
custom built
now available
classic small

HMk 72-74 MJ MK series
125 CR/WR
175 CR/WR
250 CR/WR
400 CR/WR
450 CR/WR
250/360 RT
Classic custom built
now available
classic small

HMag 74 250 CR Mag
MJ/MK chassis 
w/Mag swing arm
- click for large view Classic custom built 
now available
classic small

75-76 ML series
125 CR/WR
175 CC
250 CR/WR
360 CR/WR
360 Auto



HMLx 77-78 ML series
125 CR/WR
250 CR/WR/OR
360 WR
390 CR/WR/OR
360/390 Auto
click for larger view Piggyback custom built 
to app

custom build piggybacks
HMNx 79-80 MM/MN 
125 CR/WR
250 CR/WR/OR
390 CR/WR/OR
390 Auto

Piggyback custom built
to app

custom build piggybacks
HX82 81-82 all models
125 CR/WR/XC
250 CR/WR/XC
430 CR/WR/XC
420/430 Auto
500 CR

Piggyback custom built
to app

custom build piggybacks
HX84 83-84 all models
85 early WR
125 CR/WR/XC
250 CR/WR/XC
430 WR/XC
430/500 Auto
500 CR/XC
510 TC/TE/TX

Piggyback custom built
to app

custom build piggybacks
1)  Classic body can be run up or down. Owners choice - body up is less unsprung weight, body down is classic look and provides more chain clearance.
2) Item required to design shocks for above applications:
*Year, make, model of motorcycle - Husqvarna, Honda, Maico, CZ, etc
*chassis or swing arm changes from OEM
*mount bolt diameter, frame/swing arm
*mount point width, frame/swing arm
*eye to eye shock length required
*rider weight/height
*type of competition events
*custom components or cosmetics desired, body,  reservior, springs
shipping weights
new custom pair of  Ohlins Classic with springs  ready for USA or international shipping - 11 lbs
new custom pair of Ohlins piggybacks with dual springs ready for USA or international  shipping - 16 lbs

click for larger view
AHRMA shock length
max visable shaft*
Rear wheel 
bolt ups
stock swing arm & stock frame
all models
stock swing arm & stock frame
all models
74-75 Mag swing arm 
ML series
 in progress
stock swing arm & stock frame
in progress
stock swing arm & stock frame
no limit
Gran Prix
no limit
all models
custom mounts, modified frame, 
extended swing arm, custom swing arm

* this dimension should include 1/3 of the rubber bumper thickness
please note - AHRMA rules are a little misleading around Husqvarna when they address CR and OR for 77, almost like you could run a 78 250 or 390 OR as a 77 CR, but then why not a 78 CR? Before you build a bike for a certain class make sure you learn what is correct from AHRMA or whatever race club you will compete in.
Your suspension is the most important item during a race, allowing you to feel confident to maintain the fastest pace you can.

Are your remotes hoses BADDDDD!!!!!!! Have you been living with this for years?
NEW hoses now available to rebuild customers.!!! better performance - pair add $38 to rebuild service.
Remote hose pair sold seperately - $68 pair custom built to length - Husqvarna, Maico, CanAm, Suzuki, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki and all others.
Stainless steel outer braid, smooth bore tube, correct Euro thread fittings, excellent bend radius (better than original), improved flow charateristics will add to improved shock performance.

12/10/02 - Note to Hobbyist on Rebuilding Íhlins shocks - After attending a 2 day Íhlins rebuilding/custom build shop school, using and purchasing all of the required shop tooling, discussing and learning techniques from experienced engineers (including Julle Haglund, master Íhlins fabricator), it becomes obvious how important it is to have an Íhlins knowledeable shop with all the correct tools do your Íhlins work. Before this training, I would have told you I can rebuild these shocks, no problem, read manual, take them apart, install new pieces, pour in oil, gas up, you're done. It is the same simple thought you might have around engine rebuilding - take apart, install new pieces, reassemble. The thought is correct, but the details leading to success are missing. Send your shocks to an Íhlins authorized shop.

ITC Husqvarna 83/84

Ohlins Tech info -Piggyback Íhlins 81/82
1) On each pair of Ohlins remote res shocks there is a series of  letters and numbers stamped near the heim joint. An example of a Husqvarna Ohlins would be HBA3-3. H is for Husqvarna (any other letter or letters would be for some other motorcycle), B = eye to eye total length (in this case B=383mm), A 3-3 = damping info.

2) Trying to save money by substituting some other type shock oil other than Ohlins shock oil would not be recommended. Yes, it is a little expensive, but the reason is special formulation to assure maximum performance.

3)this is what the sticker looks like i don't have a good original yet. Anybody got one i can borrow?
3a)this is another sticker, i need a good original. Anybody have one i can borrow?

4) Color scheme for ITC is blue body, sometimes slightly lighter blue ano res cyl, gold cad lower eyelet, gold ano res cap, gold ano body cap, white spring, flat black spring retainers, chrome valve and cap. The WRs in 83 are an exception (different shock valving internals) they have blue lower eyelet, blue spring retainers. All use silver zinc hardware at top mount and black parkerized bolt at bottom.

5)Color scheme for 81/82 piggyback is bronze body, gold anodized res, black springs, gold cad lower eyelet, zinc silver hrdware top and bottom, gold ano res cap, gold ano body cap.

6) Color scheme for remotes some 1979 and most 1980 is bronze body, white plastic spring separator, black springs (most models), bronze res.

7) Color scheme for 78 cr's and some 1979 is bronze body, gloss black lower springs, yellow upper springs,  flat black remote res, white plastic separator,

8) In 1985 Ohlins stopped making the early seal heads (78-82) for remote reservoir and early piggyback shocks as the new design used on the Ohlins ITC was superior and retro fit all Piggybacks 81 on up. To kit or reseal a pair of earlier style Ohlins, all you needed to do to accomodate this better seal was to go to the later shock body cap. Not a big difference, it is 6mm deeper, but early caps will not fit back on once the new seals are used. This later Piggyback cap may already be on your early remote Ohlins. It is identified by light gold color and a body groove (this groove allows much easier removal). The earlier caps are simple, lo profile design (more difficult to remove, as you have to dig in between the cap and body to tap out of body).

9) Cosmetic restoration on Íhlins will reqiure you to take all the paint off. It is not advisable to use bead blasting to do this. You should strip using liquid paint remover. Bead blasting will ruin the finish on the steel and aluminum components as well as assure abrasive contamination and ultimately shock failure. Springs and external pieces could be blasted, maybe even powder coated, but again the ability of a bead blasting cabinet contaminating the hydraulic components is very high. You fondle your newly blasted springs and then pick up your shock tubes and start inspecting. Once the bodies/res are clean you need to chemically metal prep, especially if you are to spray can the finish. It might also be best to spray paint after final shock damper assembly, taping off and cleaning as need be.

10) Rear dual shock springs of all years are discussed in terms of  length, inside diameter, spring rate (but how would you know this), wire diameter, coil count, progressive or single rate. Most post vintage bikes run dual springs as well. All dimensions are discussed in metric, so a spring length - short style might be 90mm or 105 mm long with 6.5mm wire diameter, 7.5 coils tip to tip, single rate and id of 46mm. A long style (paired with this short) might be 240mm long with 8mm wire diameter, 12 coils tip to tip, single rate, id of 46mm.
wire diameters are commonly - 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.25, 8.5mm.(post vintage dual)
spring lengths - 70, 90, 105, 180, 225, 240, 270mm (post vintage dual)
coil counts- sometimes tip to tip, sometimes not counting ground portions, sometimes other methods.
coil bound length and travel are also part of spring desrcription - not easily dealt with by owner but valuable info. for instance a 90mm, 6.5mm, 6.5count might have a bound length of 41mm with travel length (90-41) of 46mm. this helps pin point what you have or had.
One of the reasons for not painting oem springs that are good shape is losing the color code information that you don't see or recognize.
Powdercoating springs with the low temp process would seem to be a way of eliminating corrosion and extending life of most external springs.

11) Rear single shock springs are discussed in terms of spring rate. 56mm id is common mid -late 80's with a length of 270 mm. 4.4 rate would be a light spring. 7.0 rate would be a very heavy spring. Husqvarna springs were one rate in 85 then changed in 86 then changed in 87, due to linkage design changes. An 86 400WR runs a 6.2 stock spring identified by a blue black blue stripe, there are lighter and heavier springs available.

i hope this helps, i can use help with this - husky@huskyclub.com

Items I  need  -Remote
      Reservoir Íhlins 77/80

Wanted - Íhlins literature from 70's and early 80's, any type , format , whatever, old catalogs, packages, whatever thanks
e-mail me please at husky@huskyclub.com

I need the codes off your Husky Ohlins 1977-1988 (and any others)to include on this webpage. If you know your bike is original please e-mail me with your model details (frame and engine number) and shock code stamped on the upper mount body casting. Sometimes i find that these numbers on Ohlins are not completely stamped , this means you have to check and compare both shocks. Thank you.        e-mail me please at  husky@huskyclub.com

Íhlins Mekaniska Racing  -  Famous Íhlins shock users 1978 -
Adolf Weil
Frans Sigmans
Dick Burleson - Husqvarna
Hakan Carlqvist - Husqvarna
Harry Everts - Bultaco
Jack Penton - KTM
Arne Lodal
Herbert Schmitz
Vladimir Kavinov
Torlief Hansen
Raymond Boven
Jaak Van Velthoven
Graham Noyce
Hans Maisch
Hakan Andersson - Husqvarna
Frank Gallo - KTM
Willi Bauer
Arne Lindfors
Gunnedy Moiseev
Chuck Sun - Husqvarna
Bengt ┼berg
Andre Malherbe
Bob Popiel - Husqvarna
Frank Stacy - KTM
Jack Johnson

Ownership expectations and servicing of any gas charged competition shock . ( as I get time hopefully i can answer these.)

1) How long should I expect to run any shocks (or this shock) before I service them (it) ? Why would I want to service my shock, I am only a casual rider that attends 5-6  races a year? I am a very easy rider, only intermediate and I always keep my bike extremely clean, how long will these shocks last? Why should I do anything until I see something leaking out? What is the downside of just using my shock until it doesn't work or leaks?
Ohlins or any gas charged shock should be serviced at least every 2 years. If you need a ring in your  motor, then probably you should have your forks and rear shock serviced as well. (may not apply to a screaming 125). The oil in a rear shock will degrade over time , a worn unit can pick up external grime as well, small amounts of moisture can be forced in during pressure wash, etc. This contaminent works it way under the fine machined surfaces that provide sealing of  the internal parts. Reservoir piston will erode, reservoir bodies will erode, main pistons will  wear away their bearing surfaces, the shim stacks pit and erode, etc. It is like running an engine without an oil change. By the time something leaks everything else is worn out as well.
If you are riding 3 vintage events a year, and your shocks are freshly rebuilt, then shocks can go a long time before service. If you are racing , practicing and trail riding, then a schedule should be sooner. You don't wait until you scatter a ring in the cylinder and you don't wait until the shock pees on the floor. A well maintained Ohlins shock set has a life potential of 30+ years, probably beyond parts available.

2) Can I check the pressure every so often and pump them up with air?
Ohlins or any gas charged shock should be charged with high grade, zero moisture Nitrogen. You can only accomplish this with the correct charging manifold for your shocks and high grade Nitrogen. In the old days, most gas charged shock came with Schrader valves and this common valve allowed the owners to attempt to check and service the gas.  No one had nitrogen, so shop air was used.  Charging a shock with air will introduce moisture, this moisture will turn to vapor when heated during shock use and overpressure the shock, then condense into water and cause corrosion problems. Nitrogen is a stable, predictable gas and is what was engineered to provide the best shock performance and life. Schrader valves are prone to leak in a dirty environment. New needle service reservoir caps are what is used today and conversions for old units are inexpensive.

3) I have improved over the past year at vintage Evo events, I don't want to spend a lot of money, is there something inexpensive that I can have done to add a little more high speed compression damping?
Ohlins or any gas charged shock can be revavled to fit your current riding style. It makes the most sense to do this during a normal service of the shock, but can be done anytime.

4) I know that stock shock springs are set up for young riders of 160 lbs. After the springs are used for 20 years and the rider gains 60 lbs, what is the most logical step? How do i figure out what springs I have and what springs i need? If I change springs, would this affect the compression or rebound damping I need?
Springs are probably the single most, least attended, performance problems of any bike. Most people will get by with what they have rather than look into the correct springs for an application. You can send your springs to a shop with a digital spring analyzer, find out what you have got. Use that info to keep what you have or improve what you have. Moderate spring changes are not going to require a revalve of your shock. Converting a 79 250 CR Husky shock to a 1980 CR 250 Honda is going to require different springs and valving

5) My remote hoses are toast. The rubber covering is all coming apart. will this affect performance? Can i get new ones? new
          maico hoses
New hoses have been not available for years causing the rebuild service to only offer rebuild without hoses. The loss of the outer covering  exposes the fiber  reinforcement of the hose that is probably 25 years old already.  The hose is destined for failure when you least would want it. Old hoses are stiff and have taken a set , not allowing you to mount the remote reservoirs in a strees free configuration. Due to period technology limitations, old hoses do not allow the needed flow characteristics for best performance.
New hoses are available for all early Ohlin remotes with better performance than was available in 1979! Husqvarna, Maico, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, CanAm, KTM, Montesa, CCM, CZ, Ossa, Bultaco, Hercules, Custom Applications amd others. click photo for a little larger view.

spring rate reference chart - check this out!
i hope these questions help a little

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